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Gvantsa Mindiashvili embarked on her journey in the world of cinema by graduating from Shota Rustaveli University of Theater and Cinema in 2016. Holding a degree in Documentary Film Directing, Gvantsa gained a solid foundation in the art and craft of filmmaking.

While studying she made two short documentary films- „Chito“(2014), “Home Alone”(2016). 

After completing her studies, Gvantsa Mindiashvili joined Alioni Production in 2016. Here, she immersed herself in the world of international projects, such as Creative Business Cup, CBC Georgia (2017-2018), and Welcome Challenge 2018. In these endeavors, Gvantsa showcased her skills as a producer's assistant and project coordinator, effectively managing various aspects of production and contributing to the success of these projects. She also shot about ten video clips at the above-mentioned events.

In 2019, she started working at Wagonnet Films, where she worked for 4 years as the first assistant director, post-production coordinator and production manager.

She joined the team of 17/07 as 1st AD at Devin Horan's project in winter 2023. Gvantsa provides script consultations and analyses the projects in development as well as works on several TV Series projects as a freelance screenwriter. 

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