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FILMS BY 17/07



Sacred Songs
By Nona Giunashvili


Feature documentary about survival of a couple of strong individuals in the midst of a society immersed in religious dogma. 

Heart don't be Afraid
By Ana Kvichidze


Dachi is a queer boy from a religious place in Georgia, oppressed by the society, and his own family, he finds an old witch, taught and empowered with her magic spells he begins to change reality.

Football Fan
by Mariam Bitsadze


Born on the victory echoes of Brazil in '94, my existence intertwined with football's triumph. My father and uncles, enamored by that shared moment, made me feel uniquely special. In their eyes, the beautiful game was more than sport; it was a unifying force that etched joy into my father's final years. Yet, a recent refrain questions the intellect in football discourse, dismissing it as a pursuit for the less cerebral. In this clash of perceptions, I find myself navigating the complex intersection of passion and perceived intelligence.

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